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Brookings, Oregon - Rhododendrons, Western Azaleas, Calla Lilies, Iris and Wild Rose

Pacific Rhododendron (Rhododendron Macrophyllum)

Description: Medium to large schrub. Found in coniferous or mixed forests.

Leaves: simple, alternate, evergreen. Leaves oblong, with smooth margns that are slightly rolled over at the edges.

Twigs: Bark rough, grayish brown. Stems erect. Flowers: Pink, bell shaped, with 5 lobes.

Fruit: A woody capsule.

Notable: sprouts easily after fire. A common landscape ornamental. The name "Rhododendrom: comes from the ancient Greek for "rose tree."

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Western Azalea/(Rhododendron Occidentale)

Description: Medium-siced, erect shrub. Common around springs and along streams and marshy flats.

Leaves: Simple, alternate, deciduous. Leaves eliptical with smooth margins.

Twigs: Gray to bluish, much branched shrub.

Flowers: white or pink, white with pink inside. Bell shaped flowers with 5 lobes.

Fruit: Woody capsule

Notable: They are so beautiful but also one is immersed in the beautiful smell that envelops them.

slideshow of walk is on this page Rough and Ready Botanical Wayside

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Individual pictures of Western Azaleas

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