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soaking up the rain

O'Brien, Oregon area

grasshopper resting

clump growing together


reaching up to the sun

'Showing Off'

nested up to a tree

an inside look

extraordinary group


I cry for you

Here comes the sun!

Loving the show

Lets take a wallk

Friends forever

Can I be the star here?

Just spreading the joy

Side by side

Watch out world

yoo-hoo here I am!

Can I have this dance?

Where did the sun go?

Lets sing,a trio is perfect

All dressed up, no place to go

bye, I'll be seeing you!
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There are around 2 to 3 hundred varieties of Irises known in all different colors and forms with most of them containing a fragrance.
The name Iris actually means rainbow in Latin which is very fitting for the range of colors they are found in.
Around ten of the species of Iris are located in the Pacific Northwest and are some of the best known and widely used in gardens.


Of the fifteen or so Iris that are native to the whole of the west coast, seven are at home here in Oregon.
Most grow in colorful drifts in primarily open wooded areas at low elevations west of the Cascades.

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