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Pipsissewa/Prince's-pine/Chimpaphila umbellata

Treasures hidden, deep in the forest. Like little jewels, these tiny plants hide tucked under bushes. They are so easy to miss, being about 3 to 4 inches high.
The bud stay closed for a long time. When it opens up, it seems to have the seed pods ready, then it will stay open for quite awhile.
I discovered these here around my property in Southern Oregon and fell in love immediately, awaiting eagerly each year to see them.
I feel so fortunate to live so close to all these wild flowers, so I can watch them budding, growing, blossoming and then seeding. Each year
it seems that there are more and more of these beauties every year which is eye candy for me and more chances to photograph them.

SLIDESHOW OF Pipsissewa/Prince's-pine/Chimpaphila umbellata

Pipsissewa/Prince's-pine/Chimpaphila umbellata


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