What are Pollinators and why do we need them and why do they need us now?

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I’ve Created A Butterfly Hair Crown

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Sweet Basil – Grow it for the Bees

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Neonicotinoids: new warning on pesticide harm to bees

Thieves steal hundreds of beehives primed to pollinate Central Valley almonds

Thieves steal hundreds of beehives primed to pollinate Central Valley almonds: Montana beekeeper Lloyd Cunniff shipped his 488 hives of bees in fresh, new pallets to Northern California in late December, hoping to pollinate acres of almond trees in the Central Valley.

Are figs really full of baby wasps?

Alfalfa: How the Plant World’s Little Bunny Foo Foo Bops Bees

How many bugs do I eat every year?


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Why Honey Surprisingly Good For Your Skin



80th Annual Beekeeping Conference buzzes into Belleville this weekend



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The Mexican long-nosed bat

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'Unusual' Bee Species Drills Apartment-Style Nests Out of Rock

On the Hunt: Honeybee Scouts Find Food

When Bees Go Extinct, These 10 Foods Will Follow [INFOGRAPHIC]

‘Like it’s been nuked’: Millions of bees dead after South Carolina sprays for Zika mosquitoes

WIRED publishes pro-Monsanto propaganda piece justifying the mass chemical poisoning of the world

Bumblebee Set to Become Officially

EndangeredHoney collecting in the Sundarbans is a risky business

As the fishermen move about in search of beehives in the wild, they run the risk of meeting a deadly foe - the Royal Bengal tiger.

Miami beekeeper turns sleuth to find stolen hives. A surprise suspect gets stung.

So Locke and Brown rigged a camera in a remote field in the county’s northwest corner and waited. It didn’t take long to nab their suspect. But he wasn’t who they expected: a Miami Lakes pastor.

Earlier this month, Miami-Dade police charged Yoel Torres, 54, after Locke and Brown handed over a recording showing him snatching 25 bee boxes, each containing thousands of bees, on three different days in January. The video shows Torres climbing through a barbed wire fence, donning a beekeeper suit and then loading up the boxes in a pick-up truck, according to a Miami-Dade police report.