What are Pollinators and why do we need them and why do they need us right now?

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Sweet Basil – Grow it for the Bees

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Thieves steal hundreds of beehives primed to pollinate Central Valley almonds

Thieves steal hundreds of beehives primed to pollinate Central Valley almonds: Montana beekeeper Lloyd Cunniff shipped his 488 hives of bees in fresh, new pallets to Northern California in late December, hoping to pollinate acres of almond trees in the Central Valley.

100% of honeybee colony food found to be heavily contaminated with toxic pesticides

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Miami beekeeper turns sleuth to find stolen hives. A surprise suspect gets stung.
So Locke and Brown rigged a camera in a remote field in the county’s northwest corner and waited. It didn’t take long to nab their suspect. But he wasn’t who they expected: a Miami Lakes pastor.

Earlier this month, Miami-Dade police charged Yoel Torres, 54, after Locke and Brown handed over a recording showing him snatching 25 bee boxes, each containing thousands of bees, on three different days in January. The video shows Torres climbing through a barbed wire fence, donning a beekeeper suit and then loading up the boxes in a pick-up truck, according to a Miami-Dade police report.

Just a month earlier, Torres had posted pictures of himself on Facebook tending to hives, happy to share his “new hobby.”

“My queen (my chichi),” he wrote, “is not afraid of anything.”






Beekeepers are suing Trump administration over decision to allow wider use of insecticides

Beekeepers are suing the Trump administration over its decision to allow the wider use of an insecticide linked to the deaths of entire honeybee colonies.The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) removed restrictions on sulfoxaflor in July and approved a host of new uses for the chemical.According to environmental organisation Earthjustice, when honeybees return to their hives with pollen and nectar tainted with sulfoxaflor “the effect on the entire colony can be catastrophic”.The court action, filed by Earthjustice lawyer Greg Loarie on behalf of the Pollinator Stewardship Council and American Beekeeping Federation, argues that the EPA decision was “contrary to federal law and unsupported by substantial evidence.”

Bee sentenced to death by UK government escapes

A rare bee that was sentenced to death by the UK government because it posed a threat to British species has escaped.

The insect, which is thought to be from the osmia avosetta species of mason bee, was discovered in Bristol after a family apparently brought it back in their luggage from Turkey.

When the British Beekeepers Association learned of the discovery, they warned it could have a “devastating effect” on British bees.

Bees Are Dropping Dead in Brazil and Sending a Message to Humans



Why Honey Surprisingly Good For Your Skin


Do you like to eat, to shop or go to restaurants and know that 'food' will be available easily and affordable? Did you know that every bite you take is made possible because of the insects that we call 'pollinators'? Without bees, our agriculture in the United States would collapse as the pollinators are responsible for 90% of the crops.

Bee populations are declining greatly, we read about the decline and how they are trying to discover how and why in the news.

Just recently, in Florida they are reporting deaths of whole hives in hours from the spraying they are doing for the Zika virus that those mosquitoes are supposedly carrying. By one estimate, at a single apiary — Flowertown Bee Farm and Supply, in Summerville — 46 hives died on the spot, totaling about 2.5 million bees.

Bee lives as well as all our other pollinators matter, not only because we need them to pollinate crops that we need to survive but also because they are part of the life cycle that supports other life on this planet. We are losing so many species of all kinds every day, thus affecting the balance of life here. In such a dangerous time on our planet, so much destruction is not only taking human lives, but the lives of birds, animals, fish, insects, and reptillians. One day in the future, we might indeed have a dead planet, unfit for anything to live upon.

Does not the sight of a bee or a butterfly, or a bird bring a smile to your lips, seeing the wonder and beauty of them all? Wouldn't our world be a sad place without our earth companions doing their part so naturally as ancient instincts guide them in their parts that they play? My hope is that one day all 'life' will be honored and respected.

All life affects the lives of all, without even the knowing of it.

Life is a Flower


'Life' is a flower, spirit said to me..
Hold 'life' in your hands gently.

Do not pull 'life' off its' stem,
for then it ceases to grow.
Let the beauty of 'life'
glow for all to see.

Encourage 'life', loving it,
nourishing growth and promise.
Let 'life' come to fruition, full-term
so its' blossom produces seeds.

Hold 'life' gently in your hands,
for once crushed, it will never bloom again.

The creatures, rocks, trees, air, water,
all are a flower, playing their part...
as they bring 'life' into 'being'.

Yet 'life' is that flower,
cherish and hold its' fragility,
sacred in your hands,
sweet kisses to send it on its' way.

Kay Ekwall ©9/17/05


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