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Peony Passion, do you have a passion for Peonies? This is just the place
to fill your heart with all the eye candy you could want!


This is a quick walk through the fantastic Buck Canyon Gardens created by Ed & Karen Goodrich.

I fell in love with this place last spring and the spring before when they put out their invitational for people to come and walk through the gardens, enjoy the beauty of the Peonies, as well as other flowers. They also have starter plants for sale. I asked permission to come back and take pictures for a slide show to be able to show people what this couple has been doing in their labor of love for the plants and the people for years now.

At this link, you can go to their website and read their personal story, see the blossoms and enjoy it even more!

Here is their page with the dates of the showings for this year.You will also find on this page are directions to the gardens.



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