What are Pollinators and why do we need them?

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Information and Pictures by Kay Ekwall

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I’ve Created A Butterfly Hair Crown

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Sweet Basil – Grow it for the Bees

Bee lives matter mug

Honey collecting in the Sundarbans is a risky business

As the fishermen move about in search of beehives in the wild, they run the risk of meeting a deadly foe - the Royal Bengal tiger.


honey bees, pollinators


Bees/over 2,000 types of Bees

Butterflies or Moths:

Karner blue butterflies

Monarch Butterfly


The Mexican long-nosed bat

Can the Bat Man of Mexico also be Tequila's Super Hero?

Conservationist Rodrigo Medellin's efforts to save the lesser long-nosed bat is tied to Mexico's blue agave plant.

Lesser long-nosed bat


Crested Honeycreepers

White-winged Doves

Rufous Hummingbirds


western prairie fringed orchid



honey bees, pollinators

'Unusual' Bee Species Drills Apartment-Style Nests Out of Rock

On the Hunt: Honeybee Scouts Find Food

When Bees Go Extinct, These 10 Foods Will Follow [INFOGRAPHIC]

‘Like it’s been nuked’: Millions of bees dead after South Carolina sprays for Zika mosquitoes

WIRED publishes pro-Monsanto propaganda piece justifying the mass chemical poisoning of the world

Bumblebee Set to Become Officially Endangered

Scientists have discovered why American honey bees are turning into zombies