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Fritillaria atropurpurea

Spotted Mountain Bells/Chocolate Checkered Lily

This species seems to have many common names upon researching it on the web

These were photographed in Josephine County, O'Brien, Oregon in a wooded meadow by a stream. There were just a few
last year, but this year are here in abundance. They are hard to see when not in the sunlight directly as you can see.
I loved taking the shots this year with the sun shining through them so one can see all the colors and how beautiful they are.


Pipsissewa Oregon checkermallow Lupine/Lupinus perennis
Spring Beauty Slideshow
Chocolate checkered Lily/Mission Bells/Fritilary Tolmie's Pussy Ears
Darlingtonia Walk on Hwy 199
Art Gallery White-veined and Pink Wintergreen Giant Camas
Pink Flowers    

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